Flex Creative Group


CSSW Computer Services

Project Details

  • 04/27/2012
  • CSSW Computer Services
  • Branding-Web-Print

Dan Gullickson

CSSW Computer Services

It was a dream working with Flex Creative Group. They transformed our website into a vital part of our sales efforts and always seemed to be three steps ahead of me, with patience, diligence and excellent punctuality. This is a quick, effective team that really cares for their clients' success. One of the best decisions of my career was to go with Flex Creative Group.

Project Scope

CSSW Computers was in need of a new look. They had an established track record of providing outstanding computer services to a variety of client across the south metro. We stepped in to help shape their brand. We designed their business cards and letterhead, but also designed a folder full of sell sheets and references for their suite of services. This has proven to be a valuable sales tool as an impressive item to leave behind with prospects considering their services. The success of this initiative led them to reach out to us when looking to build a new site. We extended their new brand into their online communications and created an elegant site that showcases their services and is easy for them to manage themselves.

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