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Ovation Framing

Project Details

  • Ovation Framing
  • Branding-Web-Print

John Borowicz

Ovation Framing

We were pleasantly surprised at how Flex Creative Group gathered the information for our projects and then how quickly they responded. We were also amazed at how well they listened, transforming our wants and needs into imagery and layouts that captured our vision and objectives. They were able to create material that exceeded our expectations. They have an easy to work with style, but are task oriented and don't over analyze. They are good business folk and are professional in every aspect. Plus they are fabulous, fun people. They are our go-to branding magicians, transforming our 'pixie dust' into useable and compelling pixels!

Project Scope

Ovation Framing had earned a solid reputation in their industry as Global Miniatures. They wanted to leverage that reputation but as they grew and added product lines, they needed a brand that could represent all they had to offer. After completing the logo design and brand identity development for Ovation Framing we helped them with their catalog and website design.

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